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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> we are following the travel day, a lot of people are heading home today. there is severe weather in other states but it could slowdown your travel here. this morning everything was good traffic wise what we are getting wet. >> we are getting wet. we will start in the north bay and we can see we have light rain and nevado in san rafael and whitaker. there is a brief heavy showers may be of to a quarter inch of
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soil per hour. otherwise it will we moving through fairly quickly. we're not too concerned about the flooding from the showers we're seeing this morning. if you have a little further south in berkeley you are looking at an area of light rain. san leandro crossing 580 also moderate rain showers. foster city >> crossing to 80 as well in the south bay. heading further in the south bay you are also looking at areas of light rain to moderate as well. san jose has scattered showers this morning and heading into san francisco we have some pretty good moderate to heavy rain coming through. pacific heights and also into the heart of san francisco you can see we are looking at some pretty wet roads up there. it looks like the showers will mainly last a few minutes but they have been coming through and we believe we could see towards presidio boulevard
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and second avenue a few showers. there is a potential for maybe some hail and also a slight chance for a stunned thunderstorms as well. we'll keep you updated as well as talk about the winter storm warning that is in effect a little bit later. here is george with traffic. good morning >> good morning we have reports of extremely heavy rain reducing visibility and hydroplaning here on interstate 580. the worst problems have been reported in the nine commute direction. this is these bound added up the dublin grade several accidents have been reported there and a number of people have reported sliding across the lanes because of hydroplaning. it is dropping a lot of water in this area right now. the commute direction of 580 does not
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look bad, light traffic there. the bay bridge toll plaza does not have metering lights on yet but we do see the beginning of some slowing traffic for the cash lanes. interstate 580 and highway 4 is pretty light and those are usually the first areas to show the heavy traffic. south bay and its lead and we do not see any typical commuter congestion. >> of we do see several flights had been cancelled around the united states in various locations this morning. we have our fingers crossed the bay area so far but now we are going to mike pelton who is live at s f o. >> the rain is beginning to fall in that makes it more problems for travelers. here's video from inside the
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terminal, a lot of people are coming here and heading home from their vacation. jim leyland the more respected and has an airport or a holiday season. >> it is a big city, i'm used his small-town minnesota so is interesting to see all of the flights in general. >> good news for travelers so far there no delays in or out of s f o. that of course, could change with the weather but we will continue to monitor that this morning. a very busy day is expected here at the airport. >> looking at business news investors returning from christmas are looking for some news reverse the recent slide in stocks. it will be tough to find that holiday cheer in today's news slow.
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u.s. stock features are flat following the market's slide during monday's thinly traded session which was stored for a holiday. investors remain concerned that congress and the administration will be unable to break the deadlock in talks to resolve the looming fiscal cliff crisis. president obama is ending his out vacation in hawaii today to make a late bid to reach a deal before the year and. the white house that he should be back in washington tomorrow when house and senate members are expected to reconvene. new this morning a car bomb had outside the u.s. base in eastern afghanistan has killed three people and injured six civilians. afghanistan police say the blast killed a security guard and two truck drivers delivering supplies. the tal bang claims responsibility for the attack which happened after a minibus stop at a deep for a security check. the international security assistance for says the base has been secured.
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if sampras as the woman will be arraigned today on charges of vehicular manslaughter that killed one pedestrian and injured two others in the twin peaks area. the 56 year-old died last week after a car hit her at the twin peaks lookout point. police say the driver was intoxicated. the victim's son told us he doesn't want another family or to suffer through this bad as they feel all because someone drank too much and decided to drive. >> think about the consequences. my family, i had a perfect family, a perfect mom. now, everything is gone. >> the driver of the card 23 year old gina eunice who you
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see here faces several felony counts including vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. coming up on the kron4 morning news at starbucks makes a political statement with its cups. what is it trying to prevent from happening in washington? heading to the tahoe area vernier's we can? we have new information about conditions in the area you will want to know about. and happy birthday to muni. ! what it's giving you for its 100th year of service....
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>> 6:09 a.m. is the time and you may want to sell up as we continue to watch gas prices across the bay area. the average price per gallon of regular gas is $3.60 in san francisco this morning. in the south bay the price is $3.48 today in san jose. across the bay in oakland, the average is $3.49. this all compares to the state average in california at $3.52. starbucks is launching a political campaign this week it helps to get the ball rolling on at averting the fiscal cliff. in a letter to starbucks employees made public this morning, chief executive howard schultz ask employees at its approximately 120 d.c. area
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stores to write come together on coffee cups when serving customers tomorrow and friday. starbucks plans to buy ads in the washington post and new york times loitered in the week as part of its come better campaign. rumors that the second generation ipad mini with a rat in a display is set to launch a head of apple's typical annual schedule next year have been swirling. it appears abels full-sized ipad may be sticking to its new semi annual release schedule. new reports suggest apple plans to launch a new thinner, lighter and 9.7 and ipad as soon as march of 2013. the fourth ipad model was just released last month along side the ipad mini, the march was also suggested in recent rat not ipad mini rumors. the time is 6:11 a.m. and we will be back in a couple of minutes. a live look at the approach to the bay bridge
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toll plaza. an oakland is 51 degrees, that seems kind of warm to made. the high will be 56. with rain yesterday we have what roads today. we have the bright lights for the pirates scored new year's eve party getting started at 11:30 p.m. on december 31st.
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>> this morning and have alleged acts warning has expired on lake tahoe. sierra nevadas years enjoyed a fresh blanket of snow on christmas. caltrans also issued a warning to drivers making sure they had a chance to drive through the area. steady snow will continue throughout this morning. it is always one of those questions of if you can get there you'll love the snow. >> we saw some rain here which meant snow in the sierra nevada. it is really scattered and nature and you can see how san rafael has a small cell producing moderate to heavy rain in the east bay. and sam francisco just east of daly city and also downtown there
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is a pretty good-sized sell going through there. they're all looking at light rain that is coming through as well. further south in the peninsula of menlo park and the peninsula have monday you're looking at hat light to moderate showers. cupertino and sunnyvale is also looking at what conditions this morning. right now things are looking like they're moving through fairly quickly. we do not expect these to last a long time, just a couple of minutes. also hail and the chance for some thunderstorms today. scattered showers may also experience and gusty winds out there is to bring a jacket. showers decrease in the afternoon and maybe some clearing in the north bay. temperatures right now are not too bad, 51 in oakland, 41 in downtown san francisco when forties widespread for concord in vallejo. napa and santa rosa are chile's five at 39
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degrees. the bulk of the system went through yesterday but lake tahoe, a look at all that low. that is a lot of fresh powder from the ski resorts. winter storm warning is still in effect for the western slopes of sierra nevada until 11:00 tonight. fresh power today three to 6 in. bringing the total up to 2 ft. in some locations. winds with gusts up to 45 mi. per hour. at 8:00 this morning just some scattered showers and they will be possible throughout the day. they will decrease as the day continues, especially by tonight. highs for today, 56 and oakland 53 in downtown san francisco mid '50s for half moon bay. a lot of us will make it into the 50s. sandra feldman only get to 49 degrees today. 7 day around the bay is a little
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wet today, especially this morning also breezy at times. tomorrow morning lots of sunshine lots ohigh of 53. monday and tuesday as we head into the new year holiday and parties for years see if we are lucky to be dry and a little milder. 6:18 a.m. and here is george with traffic. >> good morning and happy boxing day to all. a good ride around the bay area, we are not seem to me delays right now. at the bay bridge the metering lights have not been activated and there is no back up. at the top of the hours used when there is a shift changed so the catch lanes could back up a bit. the san mateo bridge looks good although it is a wet one there. we have seen a few accidents that have followed the right around the bay area. the golden gate bridge is set up for
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the look for lane southbound. the east shore freeway ride as not yet increase the drive time and it is still 12 to 14 minutes from hercules to berkeley. san ramon valley ride is problem free and no delays to antioch on highway four or through the of the mob has on westbound interstate 580. we had reports that there was heavy rain a while ago and that resulted in a couple of accidents on eastbound interstate 580 on canyon road and the right lake is most likely still blocked. the north bay ride is is 21 minutes from about up to the golden gate bridge. >> many is providing free services friday to celebrate its 100th year and service. it includes free service on buses, light rail lines, cable cars and streetcars. the complementary service
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begins at 5:00 friday morning and runs until 5:00 a.m. saturday. friday will be the last time this year muni offers of free service to its passengers. as it does every year, muni will offer complementary trips on the year's eve with rides being on the house from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.. an enormous storm system that dumped snow and sleet on the nation's midsection and unleashed damaging tornadoes are on the deep south has begun putting its way toward the north east, slowing holiday travel. on the left is guy tracker for showing as the national radar right now. on the right is see more indiana. they have a good amount of snow there and no one is going anywhere fast. here is video from arkansas. you can see this note roads and these are ideas the emergency crews tried to
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clear the roads. this is what they woke up to in little rock ark., a lot of car crashes. it has moved out of oklahoma and is moving northeast of arkansas. blizzard conditions are also basel for portions of illinois, indiana and western kentucky. >> container boxes come through the building the roof cam off our fuel island and that's about it. it lasted about four seconds. >> of force against >> 4 seconds, that was it. >> when he came out and saw this what did you think? >> met they got, live >> and mobile alabama of people are cleaning up this morning after a tornado touched down on christmas night. it looks like a large fog club's parking electricity. the mobile fire department reported downed power lines lines and downeas well as damage to the
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local high school. the vast storm system stretches across member states as the blame for three deaths and several injuries though no one was killed outright and the tornadoes. we will be right back.
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>> the time is 6:24 a.m. and watching the weather here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. the current temperature and napa is about 40 degrees. and then it will be 50 in the high as 53. 8:00 the local down into
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the lower '40's. we're looking at areas of rain in showers this morning. many of your head it up to lake tahoe today in a look at highway 28 and highway 67. we have a winter storm warning in effect for the western area. a lot of fresh powder you will see on this camera shot here. there is a lot of snow on the roads there. it is knowing right now as we speak and upper elevations. up to 6 in. possible today bringing this storm total one to 2 ft. of snow. great news for skiers and snow boarders. >> police in western new york have found human remains inside a home where a deadly trap was laid for two volunteer firefighters. william spangler set fire to is all and then wait and wait for the flyers to show up. when they did he shot and killed two volunteer
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firefighters on monday and wounded two others. authorities say they later found him dead from an apparent suicide. they believe the human remains along to his sister. >> we did locate the pair of remains and the house and union like road. the medical examiner has to remove those remains. 191 lake road was where the shooter resided with his sister. the medical examiner will be working on identification and i assume that will take quite a period of time. the assumption is that is the shooters sister. >> all seven paws were destroyed because they had to wait until the
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firefighters could get and. the time is 626 a m and this might even see the james lick is wet but it is moving ok at this hour. travel is light and a lot of people had the day off. wall street does not, we are just a few minutes from the opening bell.
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>> welcome back the time is 629 a m in just a minute away from the opening bell on wall street. the futures were flat this morning so we will keep an eye on that. first we want to get a look on weather and traffic because it is still raging out there. >> it is. we are looking at heavy showers this morning. storm tracker 4 so it is a bit of an act of morning today. san mateo and south bay's it was looking at pretty decent rain fall. richmond looks moderate to
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heavy rain but these are moving freely for fairly quickly through. all this stuff is having basically south east. berlin games and its tail foster city are also looking at moderate to heavy rain. palo alto lost out those when you see the yellow that is the moderate rain falling. it is really coming down as sunnyvale and millipede is in parts of san jose. we're expecting wet conditions throughout the morning and also showers will decrease by the afternoon. it would give you some time to do your returns are shopping without any problems. >> a quick check of traffic shows a libri it right on the bay area bridges. we're not saying much yet in the wake of a commute this morning. in the east bay we
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do not have it heavy traffic on these all somewhat or highway four through antioch. these are indications of what we can expect to be a pretty light ride. the south bay peninsula and at the north bay as well. >> if you are going by air more than 300 flights have been cancelled around the united states this morning. not in the bay area though so far. so far so good as far as delays go but we do see rain. storms and other areas that have a domino effect here. mike pelton is watching things at s f o for us this morning. >> have been following what turns out to be a wet commute here this morning. thousands of travelers are making their way here or sfo officially marking the end to a lot of holiday vacations. there is video from inside the terminal and a lot of people are heading home to sing christmas with family and friends. more
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than 2 million people are expected to vaster as f o during the holiday season. that means they're a lot of opportunities for problems to arrive. i spoke with one family who was trying to get to canada and marty run into a nightmare scenario >> this morning we got all the way here with two kids and all of our staff packed and tried to check in our baggage is and found out my wife's past four is expired. >> what will tell you that among >> we don't really know what to do at this point. >> there are no large it back ups or delays coming in are out of the airport this morning. that could change with the weather of course. we'll continue to monitor that and pass on a delays to you.
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>> and zero look at the hugs' goodbye after the christmas holiday! that is so sweet. officials have been scrambling to repair a levee in east palo alto that was reached during heavy rains over the weekend. cruz and placed sandbags where the severance speedo clique creek topped the levy. sunday's flooding forced people and seven also evacuate. at least one of several damage that made it on and habitable. the flooding on the creek was the worst in six decades. >> we found the flows the other night where the third worst flows since the '60s. i don't think we're going to see anything like that so we should be ok. >> the city is convinced that the word then to a repair the creek was to be
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sufficient to hold back any further flooding. i street late race between two vehicles and vallejo leads to a hit and run accident on broadway street sending eight it year-old man to the hospital in critical condition monday. police that neither vehicle stopped after heading the pedestrian. investigators are checking survey with cameras in the area for clues of the hit and run case. anyone with information can call a vallejo police department. 6:34 a.m. and thanks for waking up with the kron4 does. it would be nice if the weather would cooperate with it is still raining out there. you can see them rain here on the san mateo bridge. traffic is that there didn't yesterday but this is not too bad. we will be right back.
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>> look back 6:37 a.m. and looking at the forecast. now that we have christmas behind us, we have new years ahead. looking at the rest of the week and how it is shaping up. the rain as lighter today than it was yesterday. this is video from yesterday which caused headaches for some drivers. this is from embarcadero and san francisco and chp is warning you to slow down because there is more rain expected today. in the north bay thousands of gallons of water gushed into the streets after a water main broke near fairfax. dozens of homes had to be without water for a short time. they had to service for at palo
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love. there were various accidents and problems and slowdowns. i got caught in traffic for a good hour because of an accident. a member of the sierra nevada ski resort patrolled saying was caught at an avalanche and has died from his injuries. he-went to a rain also after he was buried in a slide that had been intentionally set with an explosive device by a senior member of the ski patrol team. the team was doing avalanche control in an area on the backside of the resort. resort officials say the avalanche broke much higher and water on the slopes and in the past snow safety missions.
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639 right now and it looks like your small u.s. how the holiday retail sales this year are the weakest since 2008. a report on holiday sales increase by just 0.7%. analysts had expected sales to grow 3 to 4%. much as our fog to me by end of super storm sandy let's not forget the reason president obama is returning from hawaii early, the fiscal cliff. the summers are nervous that lawmakers will be unable to reach a deal. samsung is seeking a ban on
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the import and sale of some erickson products in the u.s. escalating a dispute over patent fees. the company is seeking to ban erickson products that allegedly violate seven patents. the complaint at the trade commission followed a dispute over mobile technology patents that erickson brought before a u.s. district court after the two sides fail to agree on licensing terms. in november, erickson at said that samsung is secret seeking to drastically reduce the fee it pays to license patents. facebook has poked its way and to the top ranks of mobile apps yet again. the social media company but smaller developers on notice last week with the launch of its new pope at for iphone. the app mimics snap chat is a popular at the teens' that allows users to send images that self-destruct moments after the recipient reviews it. pope immediately rose to #one on the iphone. thanks to the it aggressive mobil
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development cut their competitiveness they spoke on three of the top 10 iphone apps of 2012. the other too our flagship facebook and instagram which failed facebook acquired for 1 billion.
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>> christmas vacation is cut short for president obama who will be leaving hawaii tonight to return to washington d.c. when congress returns. the press as returning to the white house to work i fiscal cliff deal before the year and. without an agreement automatic tax increases for everyone in the spending cuts will be triggered and the new year. an enormous storm system of snow and sleet of the nation's midsection enemies damaging tornadoes are on the deep south has begun putting its way toward the northeast, slowing holiday travel. >> storm tracker for tracking the showers we're seeing an let's resume and
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these areas. you can see it is at very scattered in this area. the shower is rather berkeley while my creek but they are very light right now. palo alto and east palo alto and the fattal of valley as well use the moderate to heavy rainfall. cupertino, this san rafael, san jose getting a lot of rain this morning. you can see out toward santa clara and downtown san jose looking at very wet conditions. rain coming down up to half an inch an hour but these are fairly fast moving headed to the south east. they will only last a few minutes. this morning scattered showers are likely anyway also experienced some gusty winds. showers are expected to be on the clyde decline at this afternoon. tonight showers will and any skies will clear out. temperatures right now are not too bad but still in the lower '50s in oakland. upper
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40's in downtown san francisco and chilly in santa rosa and napa at 39 degrees. sunnyvale is coming in at 44 degrees. satellite and radar shows a big storm we went through yesterday's producing lots of snow for our lake tahoe ski resorts. the skiers and snow boarders love it. taking a look of the winter storm warning that is in effect tonight and sell 11 for the western slope of sierra nevada. the storm totally brought to one to 2 ft. of lots of fresh powder with when the gusts up to 45 mi. an hour. scattered showers are of the morning hours and also early this afternoon. the showers will be on the decline as the is the later part of the day today. if you have shopping or returns to do you should be ok by the afternoon. i is for the day 53 in downtown 56 in
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oakland 53 and pleasanton and the north bay temperatures are getting up to 53 in santa rosa. san rafael is 49 degrees. 7 day around the bay is a bit breezy today and especially this morning scattered showers throughout the day. thursday, lots of sunshine and higher around 53 degrees. friday and saturday at chance for some showers but not anything to heavy. we are looking dry and mild for new year's eve and new year's day. it is 6:48 a.m. and here's a look at your traffic with george, good morning. >> i thought we run to do some small bomb but that's ok. here is a look at your ride on highway 92, the san mateo bridge. there is a stall just pass the toll plaza and the right hand lane. the tow truck is there with that. the good is is it is not backing up the ride because traffic is so light at the scene. you could see the total of repositioning itself to get in front of it
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to perhaps to let out. even with the right lane obstructed by the tow truck it has not done to slow the ride. it is it's 11 minutes. looking at the bay bridge where for the short time we saw a little bit of a back up and left st. lane. meeting lights have not been activated and it is likely we will make it through the morning without them. the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound has a light traffic and we are problem free here. updating your ride as we look of the traffic maps still no real slowing for interstate 80 in the westbound direction. 680 look great of the san ramon valley. west 580 was problem free from the all to my past andy saw out thousands of freeways with goo all to my y
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freeways look good. >> it was all christmas the yesterday and today is a traffic at 8. this is the moral of this morning about the defiles mort north of louisville ky. you can see snow is starting to blanket the city. it's expected to keep going all day. the national weather service says people here to get up to 8 in. of snow and sleet all during the day. rain and fog made a dreary christmas day in some places. it was all messy weather though check out the rebels fighting near jackson mississippi. even as the thick white clouds rushing
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by this time let lapse video. forecasters expected to be drier here today and tomorrow and for the grain could pop up again friday. a southern california-based company has successfully tested a reusable rocket it helps to make it cheaper to go into space. space acts released a video showing the test of its grasshopper rocket. during the 297 flight grasshopper blasted 131 ft. into the air. the 10 stories tall cylinder hovered momentarily and then landed safely. earlier this year, a space x rackets and the capsule full of cargo zipping through toward the international space station and a first of its kind delivery for nasa. the rocket failed on the second mission to be put a commercial satellite into effect a correct orbit. china opened the world long as high-speed rail line. there was nearly 1,500 mi.
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from the country's capital to the north and southern china. the line officially opened early this morning. trains on a high-speed line will initially run a one- handed hundred 86 mi. per hour with a total travel time of about eight hours. before the fans is that between two cities by train was more than 20 hours. the chinese government plans to build a grid of high-speed railways with four east west lines and for north-south lines by 2020. after our show dr. phil at 10:00 a.m.. we will be right back.
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>> despite a summer slump at the box office 2012 is expected to mark the industry's highest year on record. it forecast hold
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through up out the end of the year the industry was the up nearly $11 billion in ticket sales. films including the avengers, the hundred games, and the twilight saba breaking dawn help keep revenue afloat. clinton andclinton tarantino die unchain and a musical light as a route which opened yesterday are expected to help 2012 and not a high note. does the customs and is expecting it again and we did it that confirmed it. 9656 right now
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yesterday was rainy and ugly, today not so much. we have breezy wet rather but said thursday the sun comes back and we have left over showers lingering into the weekend. sunday looks to be a little clearer and the work week i can't cut the workweek we have new year's next week. nationwide weather, there are it storms walloping the various areas. it is very busy at s f of dropping off luggage in giving hugs. i just these, sorry about that. little rock arkansas is against the honor national map has a eight storm across the nation. we will be right back.
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